Terms and Conditions

We are not considered a financial institution by the state of Georgia Department of Banking and Finance. All transactions  are defined as “PAWN” transactions. Business is conducted in the State of Georgia Only!

  • Pawn transactions that become more than 10 days delinquent may become subject to loss of collateral held for “PAWNS”.
  • Non-payment on loan transactions could result in loss of collateral.
  • The company does not lend with the intent to repossesses loaned collateral.
  • The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on loans may be as high as 300%.  A title lien fee may be charged to clients based on state requirements.
  • Extensions of a loan transaction are only by agreement of company & customers with payments being made on time. The maximum term of a transaction is 36 months.
  • See “contact us” tab for a physical address.
  • The company adheres to and complies with the local and state pawn code.